Introducing Redley!

Redley Books presents A Nature Colouring and Activity Book! A family friendly, children’s activity and coloring book is an original creation developed by local artist and designer C. Abel in collaboration with local businessman Y. Leclair specifically for the town of Picture Butte in Southern Alberta. The book showcase some of the diverse local wildlife and introduces the region to out of towners!

Let Redley be your guide!

Redley is a red-winged blackbird ubiquitous to the area! Let him be your guide as he shows you around through the pages of the book, featuring 23 realistic wildlife illustrations of the most common and visible birds animals and fish local to the area


The Redley Book Stories

The realistic drawings of birds, animals, fish, plants and insects that are featured on each page of the Redley Book are accompanied by short stories about them. These stories were originally researched by C. Abel and later reviewed and approved by Brad Downey, Senior Biologist with the Alberta Conservation Association. Learning new and interesting things about nature and local Alberta wildlife helps the reader form a greater understanding and appreciation for the world around us.

The Story of Redley

Redley the Red-winged Blackbird, is your friendly Nature Guide who sparks joy in people's hearts everywhere. He's a swift little fellow with black feathers and bright red and yellow markings on his sleeves. When you hear his distinctive chatter you'll know he's eager to tell you his story and help people connect with the intriguing aspects of Nature all around them.


Picture Butte and the Lakeside Gazebo

This map shows the downtown section of the Town of Picture Butte and route to the Lakeside Gazebo. The Lakeside Gazebo is featured as the starting point of the nature trails that surround Picture Butte Lake Reservoir. In 2014 plans were drawn up by local businessman Y. M. Leclair along with input from with R.C.L. Construction Ltd. With approval given by the Walk-on-the-Wildside board members, a grant of $15,000 from Lethbridge County and private donations, approximately $45,000 had been collected for its construction. By 2015 the Lakeside Gazebo was completed making it a featured roadside attraction for the town. Today, this attractive concrete and steel structure sits overlooking the lake providing visitors with a restful outdoor shelter with a panoramic 'picture perfect’ view.

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